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I can’t count the number of times I have seen this question posed to fellow tumblr corgi slaves. Every darn time I laugh my ass off. Firstly gotta say it again: EVERY DOG SHEDS!!! Even the ‘non-shedding’ breeds shed, it is just less obvious and much smaller amounts. Double coated dogs like corgis, huskies, and so on and so forth, shed, A LOT!!! Jimmy sheds, oh yes he does, all the time. Yet the tumbleweeds in my new house are like 99.9% corg fur. The fur on my clothes is easily 75% corg to 25% bagel despite the fact that Jimmy spends way more time on my lap. To make this even more clear to you, I brushed Fae and Jimmy today. Here is a photo of the fur I collected from the two of them.

Yes the tiny pile in the upper left of the photo is from Jimmy, the mini corg in the center is from Fae. So ahh yeah corgis shed, all dogs do. Don’t get a dog (or cat, rabbit, whatever) if you don’t want to go places with fur on your clothes, find fur in your food, etc.

Personally I would rather deal with the fur tumbleweeds and fuzzy clothes then not have these two goobers in my life!!!

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I really do wish tumblr had a better way to respond to peoples replies to your posts. I promise I do read every reply I get, and truly love and appreciate every comment.

benjislife12 said: I don’t know why, but I absolutely love the piggy toy in the back !!!

OMG I love that piggy too! Jimmy actually picked it out at the store, he started sniffing it like mad then grabbed it and would not let go, so we decided it needed to come home with us. It frequently gets used by me to go ‘fishing’ for dogs, and also for games of tug between the two critters!!

bentleyandcorgski said: hehe might as well face the fact that anywhere they want is “theirs” :p

Yeah, they pretty much run the house, we pay the rent and supply the food and such, but really we are the squatters, it all belongs to them!!

krwebb said: This is surprising … for some reason I assumed Jimmy was bigger than Fae. This picture tells a different story …?

Jimmy is a tiny little show beagle, he is of the lesser seen small size of beagle (yes there are two size classes) he is of the 12 inches and under size and rather petite at that, he is a decently muscled 23lbs at last weigh in (he was only 21.5lbs when we got him, slightly underweight). Fae is a whopping well muscled 37lbs, and your typical uber long corg body on top of that.

southernsnowdogs said: Beagles normally are food hogs. They eat like they’ll never eat again

Yeah, I think it is common in a lot of hound dogs, but good dog Jimmy is crazy for his food. He doesn’t really chew at all, just kinda hoovers it all in then looks at Fae’s bowl (we have him using a slow feeder bowl to at least slow the hoovering)!! He also goes nuts for treats, he can get so food focused that it is hard training him. He stops listening and just stares at the food in your hand.

Thanks for your replies guys! Keep them coming, I love reading them!

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Day 17: Mealtime
Jimmy is a food hound, the first several photos are him waiting at the door where we keep the food or looking at me holding his bowl of food. The shots of Jimmy eating may be blurry because he pushes his bowl all over the place in his haste to eat!!

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Day 16: Park
Fae and Jimmy love the dog park, for different reasons. Fae loves the freedom of being off leash with room to run and chase (herd) other dogs. Jimmy, who is leashed on a long line at the park loves being there for all the smells!!!!! and meeting new dogs.

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Day 15: Jump
Jim is quite the jumper, when properly motivated (read: when Momma is carrying human foods) he has been known to kick me in the stomach while jumping at me. Fae prefers to just use her length to her advantage and stand up and stretch. And yes I realize this is a video, but there was no way my cell phone camera was going to capture a jump photo.

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Day 14: Trick
My favorite trick by far is sit pretty, because it is so darn cute!! Jim and Fae are both masters of sit pretty.

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Day 13: Home
An assortment of photos of Fae and Jimmy in and around our home (the new one). The critters and I out front, Jimmy being a stair hazard, the cuties napping together, and several shots out in the back yard. Lastly my favorite shot from the front yard session, I like how we are all looking at each other.

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Day 12: Sun

Fae is not really a sundog she doesn’t really seek out sunny spots. The top photo is by far my favorite sun photo of her I have ever taken. Jimmy on the other hand is a total sundog, he frequently seeks out sunny places. As our long time followers will know the bay window at the old house was his hang out, sunny, warm, and allowed him to be a nosey neighbor.

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Yup, to like all 30!!!

(via mr-speebunkles-the-corgi)

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Day 11: Hero
Fae is a little skeptical about Jimmy’s superhero status, but I think he looks adorable!! Fae on the other hand really suits the superhero look. In fact, as you can see in the last two photos as I was trying to take pictures she suddenly heard a distress call, and flew off to save the day. Who knew?
(Also included the cute photo of Jimmy with an ear malfunction, Fae thinks he looks pretty goofy)